Founded in 2005 as a small artisan business, Team Meccanica, over the years has developed important skills and today represents an important point of reference for the machining operations in its territory.
A constantly growth young company who, in an increasingly demanding market, bases its strategy on quality.

In 2010, it has implemented its quality management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

An important certification, a highly considerable choice that gives to the company a significant added value in its category. A starting point, a strategic different, a philosophy which has to be developed and increased every day for the good of all and with the help of all.

Certifications, technologies, professionalism, attention, precision and expertise with the concrete and effective support of technical and logistics offices allow Team Meccanica to optimize work, make it more efficient and find the best solution for every request.

For that reason, Team Meccanica is a quality company who makes quality.